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Post by Hexe on Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:21 am

It’s been insane…! I’ve been to everywhere and back these past weeks and met so many of you it makes my heart sing with joy! Our army is starting to really grow, babies!..there are more and more soldiers in front of the stage every show I play.
I’d take some pics of all the cool stuff Moon Children gave me but I sent it to LA with the band so I gotta leave it for a separate post.
Last week I did a bunch of music festivals…
First – Chicago.
The day I got there I did a little in store acoustic performance of aol and skyscraper and met all the moon children! There was so many MoonChildren I signed autographs for 4! hours! Again met so many amazing kids…
I gotta tell you – you inspire me with your stories and your energy. I am so proud of you! Luis, keep up that massage practice and pick up reiki, you’re gonna love it.
I also got the coolest fan gift ever – a pie! Moon Child Michael had baked it for me and it had rhubarb in it which he had found out about from wikipedia (he was trying to make an Estonian dish). Absolutely fucking amazing! And it tasted great:)
Also, Moon Children – your fashion is out of control!

Note the very fabulous MATCHING! dresses me and I-Loo are wearing. Both from Lip Service.

The next day, we did Lollapalooza and Roscoes. Both times, the crowd was insane! I always have such great time in Chicago..people are just really, really nice there.

After doing Roscoes we went to sleep for 2 hours and flew to Kansas at 4 am. Insane. But loving every bit of it.

I also performed this new song called Zero Gravity which so many kids loved and responded to. Oh, the energy all the MoonChildren are giving me during performances! It’s my new drug.

And then I saw Muse. They are incredible. I wonder how many hours a day they rehearse. Must be many hours cause these guys were just SOOO tight plus played a hit after hit after hit. Incredible and beautiful!

I was thinking I gotta start making a list every year of the bands I need to see that year and pick at least five and make a real effort to go and see them. Depeche Mode is like number one in the list right now. Must. See.

Right now I’m in Atlantic City…will keep pics from here for the next post, otherwise it’s gonna be way too long.
What have you MoonBabies been up to?Smile
Tell me everything.
Love u!


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Post by Krissy on Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:35 am

Very Happy sounds like shes really enjoying her self.& she's having a blast. Very Happy


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