The Frog and the Condor (Peruvian folk tale)

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The Frog and the Condor (Peruvian folk tale)

Post by moonchild_danimeri on Sat Oct 01, 2011 7:03 pm

A long time ago, in the Andes Mountains of Peru lived a little frog who was different from most. Her front left leg was much longer than the others. She would look at her reflection in the mirror and sigh at the ugly reflection that stared back.

Meanwhile, a condor lived in a cave about fifty feet above the river. With him lived Collyur, a young Incan girl he kidnapped from the village months ago. He forced her to clean his cave and perform rigorous tasks or she would become his next meal.

One Day, Collyur gained the courage to ask the condor for a favor.

"Mr. Condor, please, my clothes are very dirty, may I plase wash them in the river?"

"I don't know," sneered the condor "How do I know you won't try to escape?"

"The river isn't very far, you can look out and see me there."

"So I must watch you the whole time? I have things to do." The condor frowned.

"Please," she begged "The river is close, you'll hear me beat my clothes on the rocks."

"Did you neaten my nest?" The condor asked, glaring at her.


"And you've finished your chores?" The girl nodded. The condor groaned "Fine, but I will be listening. If you stop beating your clothes for a second, you will be dinner."

Collyur agreed and climbed down to the river. She took off her clothes except her underwear and began washing and beating them while huge tears rolled down her cheeks. I'm trapped here, she thought I will never see my family again.

The frog noticed Collyur and swam over. "Little girl, why are you crying?" she asked.

"The condor kidnapped me," she cried "and if I try to run, he'll chase me and eat me."

"There, there," cooed the frog "I can help you escape."

"Really?" Collyur sniffed "But how?"

"I will beat your clothes so you can run without the condor knowing you're gone. You can go back to your family, and the condor won't bother you anymore."

"Oh, thank you," Collyur cried "thank you!" She leaned forward and kissed the frog in the center of her forehead.

"Now go!" said the frog "I shall start beating your clothes."

Collyur smiled and ran toward her village. The frog transformed herself into Collyur's image and began beating her clothes. "What is taking her so long?" T condor wondered "She should be done by now." He went to the door and looked down to see the frog, still in Collyur's image. "Girl!" he called "Your clothes are well washed by now! Come back up here!"

With that, the frog stood and jumped into the river, taking back her normal form as she hit the water. "What is this?" The condor yelled "She vanished!" He followed the river, trying to track the girl, but she was nowhere in sight.

As he flew, the frog leaped out of the river and returned home, where her friends and family all seemed to stare at her in shock. "What's wrong?" Asked the frog, hiding her long leg under her body.

"You're beautiful." One frog told her. Fearing that it was a joke, the frog went out to the river and looked at her reflection. She was stunned to see a beautiful star in the middle of her forehead where Collyur had planted the kiss.

The name Collyur, as the frog soon discovered, meant "morning star" and from then on, the frog was never afraid to look at her reflection again. And though her leg was still long, she walked the riverside with confidence. She was a beautiful little frog.


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