The Sun-Woman and the Moon-Man

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The Sun-Woman and the Moon-Man

Post by TheLastSongbird on Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:39 am

A performance piece I wrote, based on an Aboriginal creation story, also named 'The Sun-Woman and the Moon-Man'. (I actually performed this in front of my fellow creative writing students, like a proper storyteller! I'm still proud of myself for that ^^) Hope you like it!

The Sun-Woman and the Moon-Man

Once upon a time, a void existed where the Universe is now. Nothing could be found there, for it was blacker than the night sky. Nothing could truly feel alive there – there was no happiness, sadness, love or fear, for there was nothing to cause them to exist. Only brief whisperings could be heard from time to time; the sounds of two solitary voices muttering to themselves to console their own loneliness.

After many thousands of years, one of the voices heard the other in his aimless wandering through the darkness. “At last, I’ve found you,” he said, still in a whisper, as he didn’t know any other way of speaking. The other voice gasped in shock, but the quiet joy in the new voice was too infectious to be frightened of for long. She replied, “How do you know me?”

“I don’t,” the male voice breathed, “but I’ve been hoping for someone else, anyone else, for so long. What do you call yourself?”

“Anala,” the other voice said without a pause for thought. She’d had this name for as long as she could remember. “I am Japari,” proclaimed the male voice. Hearing a name other than her own warmed Anala’s heart. She felt such relief that she was no longer alone that it spilled from her in droplets of liquid silver, which nestled in all the cracks and wrinkles in the void, which had existed since Time began. Their purity shone into the blackness, casting light on the faces of Anala and Japari for the first time. Overcome with happiness and wonder, they fell into each other’s arms laughing. Anala’s tears left shimmering paths on Japari’s face, as his joy flowed into her. At the same time, they became bathed in light – Japari shone silver as the tears on his cheeks. Anala gleamed gold with the warmth he brought to her.

Until this very moment, Anala’s fallen tears remain as the stars, and she and Japari watch over our Universe as the Sun and the Moon. So don’t be afraid to shed a tear if you ever feel small, insignificant or alone beneath the night sky. This means you have been blessed with a glimpse of the Beginning of All.

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Re: The Sun-Woman and the Moon-Man

Post by moonchild_danimeri on Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:23 pm

This is really pretty, and I love the message. It's good to cry from time to time, and a lot of peopel don't understand that, so I'm glad someone does and created a story like this to get that point across. I think I'll tell this to my son when he's born ^.^ beautiful

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