I cannot view a song or video you posted?

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I cannot view a song or video you posted?

Post by Tyler on Sat Aug 14, 2010 3:15 pm

There could be multiple reasons for this.

• First off, you may want to update your Flash Player. You can download the latest version here bit.ly tolFlash

• If updating your flash player didn't work, or you already have the latest version, you may want to update your web browser.
Internet Explorer users go here bit.ly tolIE
Firefox users go here http://mzl.la/tolFf
Safari users go here bit.ly tolSaf

• If updating your browser or flash player didn't work, you may have to enable javascript. In most cases, if javascript is disabled, you will get a warning in place of the player to enable it.

• If you have tried all three of these fixes, and the song or video is still not showing, comment on the section. Maybe something was coded wrong Sad

We will start testing our players on all major browsers 8/15/10


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