Genealogy of Kerli: Kerli and her Roots-Ethnicity(race), Family Tree and DNA.

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Genealogy of Kerli: Kerli and her Roots-Ethnicity(race), Family Tree and DNA.

Post by BubblepopMoonchild on Sat May 27, 2017 11:08 am

Birth Name: Kerli Kõiv (Kerli)

Place of Birth: Elva, Estonia

Date of Birth: 7. 2. 1987

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Naturally Blonde, Now Platinum Blonde(dyed)

Ethnicity-Race:White(Nordic): Estonian, Finnish, German(Prussian), Swedish.

Kerli is an Estonian recording Pop/rock/Electronic music and Edm music artist and songwriter and Bubblegoth music creator and internacional most famous PopStar of Estonia! And she is daughter of Piret (Kuresoo) and Toivo Kõiv. Kerli have also sister Eliisa Kõiv (born 27.1.1990 in Elva, Estonia as Kerli) and she is also singer.

Kerli’s paternal grandfather is Arvi Kõiv (the son of Elmar Kõiv and Amanda Mäeloog). Elmar was the son of an unknown finnish father and Rosalie Kõiv. Amanda was the daughter of Karl Eduard Mäeloog and Emilie Jõgi.

Kerli’s paternal grandmother is Vaike Palm (the daughter of Harald-Johannes Palm and Hella Koosa). Harald-Johannes was the son of August Palm and Miina Wisnapuu. Hella was the daughter of Kaarel “Karl” Koosa and Alma Pauline All.

Kerli’s maternal grandfather is Tõnu Kuresoo (the son of Joann Kuresson, later Kuresoo, and of Elisabeth “Liis” Jõeper). Joann was the son of Tõnis Kuresson and Anna Nerska.

Kerli’s maternal grandmother is Laine Otsus (the daughter of Arnold Otsus and Salme Helene Vaher). Arnold was the son of Karl Otsus and Marie Milius. Salme was the daughter of Oskar Vaher and Helene Vaglake.

Kerli was born one day after singer Luisa Värk was born in Elva.

and this is all Very Happy I love you flower Wink bye.

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