moonchildren unite!

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moonchildren unite!

Post by pcatmoonrat on Sat Mar 01, 2014 8:11 pm

i didn't really know where to put this,
but i have a few projects for anyone who wants to participate!

the first thing is for musicians, called "the moonchild project"
i will make a line up for participants, and will send you a track, you add sounds,beats and whatever to the track and i give you the email of the next person, and you email it to them to edit.
so email me with the subject "moonchild project"
if you want to start!

the next thing, is a video!

a year ago i started making music, and due to recent events, i have decided to help out my mother, by selling my music, but only for those willing to pay, otherwise it's free.
so i want to create a music video to sorta promote myself, and have fun with it!
so if anyone has anything to contribute, (ideas, skills, designs, or even just by clicking "share") please email me!

and one more thing,

if any musicians want to separately collaborate with me, please do! i'm working on an album and i'd love to work with people!


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