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Utopia Outfit

Post by xXxsilentxsorrowxXx09 on Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:52 am

Black and White (design)
 photo Outfit1_zpsf3b08a43.jpg

 photo outfit2_zps78a605e1.jpg

(forgive my scanner the Green-blue looks a bit more green)

My outfit design-
It consists of a green-blue and pink shirt, a green-blue and pink skirt, black boots, white fishnets for her legs, a pink glove, and a green-blue fishnet glove.
The pink part of the shirt is solid (non-see-through), the dark green-blue is solid (Non-see-though) lace and the light green-blue of the shirt is see through lace. The buttons on the shirt are green-blue. The skirt is white underneath with pink and green-blue lace draping over it. The boots are black leather and they have buckles around the ankles. There are white fishnets for her legs and a green-blue fishnet glove for her arm. The also has a pink leather glove. (in the original black and white graphite sketch i have a teddy bear puse, but i didn't like how it turned out so i didn't draw it again.)
Her hair is a white-blonde color with green-blue highlights. She has chopsticks on one side if her head that are pink with little green blue beads dripping down from them. It was kinda hard to see her makeup, so on the side of the second picture i drew a close up. It consists of a black line with two circles in it. The bigger one is pink and the smaller one is green-blue. On her other eye there is a black circle. The 3 circles are to represent moonmarks.

This outfit was inspired by utopia by the colors. Kerli has been wearing a bit more pinks and green-blues since utopia. However, she does still wear black and still holds onto her dark-goth-Lolita style. So i combined them (Bubblegoth). The shirt and skirt are pink and blue green, yet the style of the outfit is very Lolita. The boots got to keep their darkness, but the fishnets were white and blue-green. Her leather glove was pink. Shes been really into the anime style lately as opposed to the Lolita look. So i gave her 2 buns and some pink chopsticks with green-blue beads. Overall the outfit still has the dark edge she desires but it also shares a cuteness, thanks to the colors.

Off of the EP my soundtrack of my summer has got to be The Lucky Ones. Sometimes it's hard to count your blessings, but when i listen to the song it makes me remember mine. Both of my parents haven't been able to get a job in years, but at least we've been able to keep the house, and still have food,electricity, water, etc. I work at a horribly shady telemarketing place, but at least I've been able to keep my job for 2 years. Heck at least i have a job in this economy. I'm taking 4 years to get my associates degree, and still have years of education ahead of me, but at least i got the pell grant to help me pay for tuition and supplies, and only need 4 more credit hours after this semester to graduate. I may not have a lot of friends, but i have the best, most understanding and relatable friends I could ask for. This summer my father had a heart attack. He is still alive and acts the same as normal. However, tomorrow he is going to a veterans hospital in another state, so they can stop his heart and try to get it to function normally. It could kill him. I don't believe it will, but even if he does die at least i'll be able to say that I've had my time with him. I could go on forever, but the point is, I am a lucky one. I love you 

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