Stargirlstrike: Silver Hunicorn

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Stargirlstrike: Silver Hunicorn

Post by stargirlstrike on Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:28 pm

Sorry about the last minute-ness!

Ever since Kerli posted her pic wearing a Firefly Path unicorn horn, I was inspired to create a unicorn costume of my own. The horn is a work-in-progress one that I am making myself (inspired by Firefly Path), but the rest of the images are from Google as I haven't finished the actual costume yet. The reason I chose white and silver is because they are the colors that I typically think of when I think of unicorns. The color combination is just very magical to me, which is what I wanted to go with. So, the outfit break-down is:

-Unicorn horn
-Silver & white corset
-Silver tutu
-White boots
-Silver wings that lace onto the boots
-White Eyelashes
-Silver lipstick

The song off of the EP that was the soundtrack of my summer was The Lucky Ones because every day I feel so blessed to be alive. I feel so lucky to have everything that I have in my life and all of the opportunities that I've been given.


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