The Beginning (version 2)

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The Beginning (version 2)

Post by TheLastSongbird on Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:27 am

An improved and quite different version of one of my old stories. You can read the old version >>> here. I'm reposting this because I much prefer what this story's become with time, my personal and professional improvement, and the opinions of my workshop group during the first year of my Creative Writing course. I hope you enjoy reading it Smile

The Beginning

I remember my fingers burning from the cold. I can't remember where I had been going. I can remember lights, enclosed flames. Now darkness closes in on every side, and I can't open my eyes. My body is a cage. I want to shed my skin, snakelike, shatter my very being and fly from this closed space in time. But something chilling won’t let me go. I feel like air, yet I’m frozen. This must have a name...It occurs like a blow to the solar plexus. It blooms as agonisingly as a re-opened wound. I want to fold myself up into the smallest shape possible and weep, but I can’t move.

I’ve stopped breathing. I panic. I gasp. I choke. There’s nothing.

Then I’m bathed in a glow that calms my senses, though my eyes are still closed. I reach out to it with all my silent heart. I take one tentative step, then another, but stop again as it becomes a boundless rainbow of colour, as though my fingertips are refracting it, scattering it to the ends of the universe. The light transforms before me, until I believe I see wings. They smother every speck of the once dominant darkness.

The rainbow swallows itself. Darkness takes its place. I feel cold. The same biting, numbing cold that I remember feeling before. Am I back? Did I go anywhere at all?

A terrible noise rises within me and all around me, a shriek tearing into me like a razor blade. My hollow being is full to bursting with pure, burning agony. It threatens to trample and shatter me, to break through my fragile boundaries and reduce me to ashes. It’s determined to make me one with the Nothing. My scream joins countless others, millions, billions of them! All the pain of all the lost souls in the world implores to me like a death cry...

Helpless with despair, I submit to the Lost.

I asked for this. The hate in me was too much. I remember now. I wanted to give you what you deserved. You said I craved attention, even when I had retreated so far back into myself that I was as good as invisible. I bled tears, all because of you. Stained, broken, I tortured myself every night until I fell unconscious, your words the cat of nine tails crashing against my heart over and over for hours. All while I pleaded for sleep so I could forget.

There were so many foul, disgusting names for you that didn’t exist to me then. You, disease ridden insect, infected me, convinced me that I was the putrid plague rat you chose to cling to. My head battered against a wall to your liking, an army of ants were made to crawl over me like the dirt I was. One strayed into my eye. You told me it would eat my insides. You said I would die in my sleep.
The screams echo away as I slowly accept my fate, forgetting everything else. In the security of the silence, I open my eyes slightly and gaze beyond my eyelashes...
Straight into two familiar eyes. Beautiful eyes that I feel I’ve known for a thousand lives. The eyes whisper to me.

You are safe now, dear one.

I breathe. The soul that saved me from the darkness reaches out a radiant hand to me. As I take the hand in my own, I feel its warmth weave its way to my heart. My body glows from within as he leads me. I don’t know where I’m going, but I feel expectant. I know there’s something more. Something else. Something...
Well, congratulations. You managed to make a little girl cry. But I am above you now. You should thank God I never bled you dry. You deserved nothing less. I suppose just the thought was enough to bring me to this.

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