Rose Petals: The Beginning

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Rose Petals: The Beginning

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Spinning... Twirling... Dancing... Laughter... Beauty...

This was the sight of the Castles main party room. Its high ceiling mirrored a night sky, full of stars and a full moon. The great chandelier hung, glittering in its majesty. The columns that held up the ceiling were of gold and silver and bronze. The walls were lined in the same fine metals and had many decorations along them. Knights, swords, precious stones and jewels.

Every soul was in beautiful clothes. Women wore gowns that fell to the floor, and men wore sheer tuxedos. Many were dancing in the center of the room to a traditional otherworldly dance. The music that filled the room was light and could make anyone feel at ease.

Tables lined two sides of the perimeter with plates of food. There were many kinds from sweet meats to dumplings, bonbons to lemon bars, fresh strawberries to skewers of shrimp. There were also fountains of champagne and fine wines and dipping fondue.

At the very front of the room, facing a door that had the carvings of a Pegasus on one side and a tiger on the other, was where the king sat on his throne. The king was also known to most as Death, but a king none the less.

On his right sat his beautiful wife, Claudia, Queen of the Underworld. On each side of the king and queen were six thrones. On the kings left, six thrones held his first six daughters. On the queen’s right, six thrones held the last six daughters. That made twelve.

It was their youngest daughter's 1600 birthday (16 to mortals). Eleven of the twelve were already seated, but the last was waiting anxiously at the top of the stair case. After the first dance, a spot of light would come upon her and she would walk down to kneel in front of her father.

Oddly enough, no one noticed the princess, pacing frantically at the top of the golden stair case. They were all to busy enjoying themselves to notice. It was a good thing they didn't notice. A princess of Death should never be caught uneasy. It showed weakness.

The most important part of this night was that it was the night she would receive her powers. Powers of death and darkness. The ability to control others on a whim, destroy lives and fix them as she pleased.

You see, Death wasn't all that evil. Depending on how you used any powers bestowed upon you was how you ended up. Death could be seen as a reliever of life, or a taker of it. Light or dark. Kind or cruel.

The dance stopped, and the princess stopped pacing. She readied herself, a few maids made sure that every part of her looked perfect. She took a deep breath.

Her cue music began, soft and sweet. The spot light hit her, glinting off her pale white skin. Some of her hair was up in a bun, and the rest of it flowed down in black curls on her shoulders. Silver dust of the stars glittered in her hair. Her gown was sleeveless and black, lined with silver ribbons, and corseted up in the back. The skirt of the gown flowed down to her feet, where she wore silver shoes. A tear drop pendent hung around her neck on a silver chain. The princess looked straight ahead, her deep black eyes never flinching.

Not a thing should ruin this night... not a single wrong movement... nothing should go wrong.

Slowly, she began to walk down the stairs. Every move was graceful and practiced. As she reached the bottom, she watched everyone kneel in her direction. She walked passed them, emotionless. Not acknowledging anyone.

Then she made it to the two steps up to her father. Trying not to gulp at his majesty and power, she kneeled before him. She kept her eyes glued to the floor, not daring to look up until he willed it.

Gently, she felt him touch her chin, moving her head up to face him. Slowly she rose and stood before him. Never in her life had she felt so small. He placed a small tiara on her head. It was silver and decorated with black stones in the shape of flowers and vines.

"I'm so proud of you," he whispered to her, touching her cheek. A small smile came to her lips but it was gone in a split second.

He took her hand and turned her to face the audience. "All arise!" he shouted. "Rejoice in this night! Tonight my lovely daughter receives her gift… her own special gift! The ability to travel between all worlds as she wills it!"

He moved her forward in front of him to be in full view of the crowd. "Give thanks and praise for this daughter of Death! Thanks and praise for Katerina Malice Claudia! Twelfth and final daughter of Death!"

Everyone cheered...

Chapter 1

Alice gasped as she woke to the sound of her alarm playing "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri. She looked over at the time. Five o'clock on the dot. Groaning she rolled out of bed.

School was one thing she hated more than anything, and yet she had not choice but to go. Alice walked groggily to the bathroom. Thank God, it was empty. She'd beaten her sister to it. Either that or Lily had gotten up earlier to shower before her.

Turning on the hot water at full blast, Alice took one look in the mirror before going in. Her dark hair fell around her pale shoulders in curls. Her dark black, almost bottomless, eyes looked back at her. They were haunting really. Not something she was always proud of having. Most people avoided her for this reason. They never really knew if she was looking at them or staring past them. Her pupil was almost non-existent.

Looking away, she got into the shower, instantly feeling almost every drop of water fall on her body. Alice let out a sigh of relief. Showers made her calm and collected.

Not opening her eyes, she grabbed for her lavender scented shampoo and squeezed some into her hand. Alice ran it through her hair and felt it bubble up. The sweet scent hit her like a thousand bricks. She always loved the scent of flowers in her hair and fruit on her body. She didn't know why, she just did.

When the shampoo was rinsed out she washed the rest of herself with strawberry bar soap she made herself and then got out. Alice wrapped a towel around herself and the padded across the wood floor back to her room.

There she dried herself off and walked over to her closet. She slipped on some underwear and a bra then looked through her organized closet. On the right were all of her pants in order of kind of jean. Boot cut all the way down to skinny. After the jeans came the skirts. Long to short. Then there were all of her shirts color coded. They were like a rainbow, but not completely bright like one.

Alice decided on some skinny jeans and a black baby-T, with a lacy purple cami underneath. She went over to her dresser and blew her hair dry, then ran a brush through it. It instantly went into its wavy curls. Alice put in a head band that was purple and matched the cami. She lined her eyes in black eyeliner and put purple eye shadow on her lids. Then she went over to her desk chair and sat down. She slipped on her monster boots that were perfect for riding and then grabbed her school bag.

She didn't even say hi to her mom. She just grabbed a breakfast bar and a monster then headed out the door. Alice slipped the monster in her bag along with the breakfast bar. Then she put on her fingerless gloves and helmet. Alice hopped on her motorcycle and road off to school.

It was the first day of school, so the weather was hot and sunny. As she rode, images whizzed by. She never gave them a second thought.

When she got there she parked, removed the helmet and grabbed her bag. Alice walked the front steps, and stood there waiting for her best friend to arrive. Yeah, she had a best friend... who would've known?

Her mom’s car pulled up just in time. Alice had been about to give up and go inside. Yeah, it was the first day back at school, but that didn’t mean that Julie liked to show up. Usually she’d skip the first day… but this day was different.

The two hadn’t seen each other since somewhere in the middle of July, mainly because Alice had gone to Florida with her family. That left Julie to fend for herself against a guy who pretty much stalked her.

“Hey, Jewels!” Alice said using the nick name she’d given her friend. Yet she only used it when they were greeting each other or when she was trying to get her way.

Julie smiled at Alice and walked up to her. She was wearing a pink top with a green cardigan over it. For a bottom she had a mini jean skirt and green leggings. Her feet were covered in black high tops that had little pink and green stars on the sides. To Alice, she looked like a watermelon, but she didn’t mention it. “Hello my dear Alice. How was the rest of your summer?”

“Dull without you.”

“Yeah? Well on my side not so much. Steven wouldn’t leave me alone! He pretty much stalked me.”

“Like he always does, Julie.”

“It was way worse this time. I swear it!”

Then Julie launched into a tale about how Steven had snuck into her house and stole her favorite bra, and how he’d followed her to the movies, and how he’d watched her change into her uniform at work, and how he did this, and how he did that.

Meanwhile, Alice was zoning out, watching the people around her with her dark eyes. No one seemed to know that she was watching because of her eyes’ darkness.

Without warning, she bumped into someone, knocking their books to the ground, and all of her books out of her bag. “Geez!” she said, surprised. “I’m so sorry. I was kind of out of it and… poof! There you were.”

She felt herself turning red as she stooped down to help pick things up. And just like in a cheesy movie, the two reached for the same book. They looked up and their eyes met. It was like everything stopped…

Yeah right!

Alice found herself looking into the eyes of Macy’s boyfriend, Seth. If you don’t know who Macy is, she is the most popular girl at the school. She pretty much rules it, and is on the cheerleading squad… captain to be exact. And if you didn’t know who Seth was, you were about dead. He was the hottest boy, and quarter back, which was why he and Macy ended up together.

Every girl at the school liked him for his looks… except Alice.

“Sorry,” he said looking her straight in the eyes. His eyes were blue, and clear, unlike Alice’s dark voids of nothing.

Alice nodded. “It’s okay.” She looked down at the book in her hands. It was a poetry book. Defiantly not hers. “Is this yours?” she asked standing up. When she looked at him next, his perfectly smooth skin was blushing. Seth ran a hand through his brown hair.

“Uh… yeah it is… I guess.”

“You… guess?” she quizzed him.

He sighed. “Yes. It is mine. Can I have it back please?” He held his hand out for it, expectant.

Alice nodded and gave it back. “I never thought that Seth Masterson, quarter back and captain of the football team would be into poetry,” she said smiling and shaking her head.

Seth blushed again. “Yeah… well… uh… I—”

Without thinking, Alice put one finger over his lips. “You don’t have to explain,” she said. “It’s okay… and none of my business what you do. So if you like poetry, knock yourself out.” Taking her finger away she noticed that Julie was waiting for her by the door. “I’ve got to go… Bye.” She was gone before Seth could say anything.

“What the hell was that?” Julie asked. It sounded like she was scolding Alice but that wasn’t exactly it. “That was Seth Masterson! You can not – I repeat not! – have any socialization with him. We don’t need another reason for Macy to be all up on our backs about shit we didn’t do.”

Sadly she was right about that. At a summer party, Alice and Julie had gotten into some trouble with Macy. Let’s just say it didn’t end well on the two’s side… Macy got the best of them.

“It wasn’t my fault,” Alice said. “We just ran into each other. That’s it. No serious socialization going on here!”

Julie glared at her. “There had better not be.”

In silence, they walked into the building together to start their first day of their sophomore year.


The day seemed to drag on and on. Alice felt like sleep could come at any second without warning. Sleep would be nice… very nice…

“What is your answer, Alice?” Mr. Dobbs snapped. Apparently he’d called her name before, but she was out of it at the time. “Well?” he said expectant.

“C-can you repeat the question?” A wave of giggles erupted in the class room.

Frowning, Mr. Dobbs took out a pink slip and began to write on it. She knew what this meant. Detention. Gathering up her stuff, Alice went to get the slip and head down to the detention room. Her mom would have a fit when she heard about this. Maybe even take away her ride.

Alice groaned. Stupid Mr. Dobbs. If you didn’t know the answer, or asked for the question, he sent you away – click! – just like that!

When she got to the detention room door, her phone buzzed in her pocket. At Maze River High, you were aloud to carry around a cell phone, just not use it in class. It was tempting to check it.

Going against better judgment, Alice opened the text:

I see you… I’m watching you…
~~ Elia

Alice snapped her phone shut, stunned. She didn’t know anyone named Elia, nor did she recognize the number. It had been marked “unknown” and she couldn’t seem to track it. Maybe it was the wrong number… a prank… Yeah. It had to be a prank. People did that.

Quickly, Alice pushed the text to the back of her mind. She didn’t need to be bothered by someone’s child like actions. All she needed to focus on was getting through the day, starting with this detention, which she didn’t really deserve. Teachers shouldn’t even be pop quizzing students on the first day! But that was Mr. Dobbs for you. So lonely and angry, he has to ruin other people’s lives.

Alice took out her iPod and head phones. She slipped them on and let the sound of her favorite songs soothe her. It wasn’t long before she was told she could leave and go on to lunch where she would finally get to see Julie.

She got up and went to her locker. The text was forgotten, and she didn’t have to worry about it any longer.

Then there was the note. When her locker was opened, out fell a little note. It was on black paper written in silver ink was a note even more horrific than the text message:

I’ll get you… watch your back… I’m coming for you!

There was no signature on this one. Just a drawing of a rose done in the same silver ink. Alice took the note and tore it up and threw it away. She didn’t need this. If someone really was watching her, she should have noticed. She would have noticed… right?

Grabbing her packed lunch, Alice slammed her locker closed and went out to find Julie.

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Re: Rose Petals: The Beginning

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Here is another chapter!

Chapter 2

Alice walked out on the quad, lunch in hand, looking for Julie. The sun was shining, and she needed to shield her eyes just to see. Soon enough, she found her friend sitting on the wall that stuck out from the medieval styled school.

To Alice, the school looked like a castle built for a king. At least on the outside that was, but on the inside it was a school like any other.

“Hey, Jewels,” Alice said, sitting down next to her friend. “What did your mom pack you today?” On the first day of school, the two never bought. This was because you never knew what the school would have. The salad bar never opened until the second week.

“Tuna salad sandwich on wheat, carrots and ranch, strawberries, orange juice, and two cupcakes.” As Julie said everything, she listed them on her fingers. “I don’t think I’ll eat it all but it’s the thought that counts, right?”

Alice nodded.

Julie scooted closer. “So… what did you pack?”

Looking in her lunch box, Alice began to list, “Sushi, an orange, raspberry ice tea, and a brownie.” She smiled. Her mom loved to make sushi so usually Alice would find it in her lunch.

“Ewe!” Julie groaned. “I hate sushi! Get that stuff away from me!”

“Don’t be so dramatic,” Alice said calmly. “Just eat your tuna and shut up.” Julie took an angry bite of her tuna and chewed with her mouth open as a way of acting dramatic like always. Alice just sighed. Julie was so picky, yet she loved her anyway.

Then someone walked up, casting a shadow over them. “Mind if I sit here?” a deep and dark voice asked. Alice looked up to see a boy with hair as dark as hers along with the same paleness of the skin. Only difference was that his eyes reminded her of dried blood. “Hello?” he asked waving a hand over her eyes. “Are you deaf?”

“Uh… no… you can sit.” She gestured to the rest of the walls length. He flashed her a charming smile before taking the seat on the other side of her. “I’m Alice… you’re one of the new kids?”

“Yeah,” he said, his voice now detecting an accent Alice couldn’t seem to figure out. “My name’s Ash Vladimir… It’s a pleasure to meet you Alice.”

Alice’s heart fluttered and skipped a few beats. This guy was hotter than Seth even! That was saying something. Ash moved so fluently like he had all the time in the world. He also seemed very nice.

“I’m Julie!” Julie said from behind Alice. “Nice to meet you, Ash.”

“A pleasure,” Ash said taking Julie’s hand and kissing it. Julie let out a little giggle. “Might I add, it is an even greater pleasure to be graced with such beauty.” His eyes seemed to meet Alice’s exactly as he said it. Alice swore her heart almost stopped.

Then she caught sight of bitch at twelve o’clock. Alice sighed as Macy twitched her little blonde and perfectly tanned butt over. Her hair was in a ponytail and she had apparently decided to wear the sluttiest thing possible to the first day. A short mini skirt and a shirt that showed her belly piercing and a lot of cleavage; Alice wondered how she got away with bashing the dress code as such. Then again, she wondered why she had ever been friends with the bitch.

Alice and Macy used to be the best of friends… that was until Macy earned the title of grade A bitch during a “friendly” game of harass the new girl. The new girl just happened to be Julie. Alice had stood up to her and saved Julie from a life time of being known as the girl who ate worms and dog food. Macy had called Alice the bitch and smacked her straight across the face… after that Macy got detention and blamed Alice for the incident. Now harassment was mostly outside of school, but a little friendly bitch face off went down almost daily.

“Why hello, Alice Hayes… how are you today my dearest?” Macy had planted a totally fake sweet but bitchy smile on her face.

Alice did the same when she said, “I’m doing well Macy Summers. How about you? Did you have fun screwing the entire baseball team over the summer?”

Macy’s eyes darkened but the smile stayed planted as if she were made to do this. “No, actually… they would always call out the wrong name. Now what name was it… Malice… Calice… Alice!”

Alice looked into her eyes with her dark ones. She could see Macy’s smile falter a bit. “Oh, I’m sure… what a fun, fun time I had pretending to be you. But I guess that just goes to show that you’re losing your touch.”

Macy’s face fell in a way of showing Alice she’d won this round. The other cheer-whores stood by her, Seth permanently attached to her hip. He looked uncomfortable and flashed Alice an apologetic glance that she had to go through this. But he loved Macy and there was nothing to do about it.

You could see his arm tense around her as Macy caught site of Ash which was giving her an easy smile.

“Ladies shouldn’t speak like that too each other,” Ash said, his voice dangerously sexy, yet serious. “Both of you should be punished…” Seth’s teeth clenched and he leaned over to whisper something in Macy’s ear.

She apparently didn’t listen. “Spank me if you will then,” Macy purred. “I’m a bad, bad girl.” Her lips did that pouty thing, making Alice want to smack the look off her face. She stepped out of Seth’s arms and walked up to stand right in front of Ash. “If you want some real fun, you’ll come with me.” Her eyes glanced toward Alice but went straight back to Ash.

“Oh… nice offer,” Ash said. “But I’m going to have to go with no. You see, I’m seeing that you’re boyfriend wants to go.” He gestured to the totally annoyed Seth, who seemed to lighten up at Ash’s refusal.

“Um…” Seth began. “Yeah, let’s go babe.” He took Macy’s hand and pulled her into a light kiss. “You can play later.” Macy sighed, glanced at Ash longingly but went with Seth.

That was one of the first times Alice had ever seen a guy refuse Macy Summers. Julie even seemed shocked. Ash looked over at them both. “What?” he asked. “Was that wrong? Was I supposed to bang her?” He chuckled a little sending shivers up Alice’s spine.

“Um… not exactly…” Alice began. “We’ve just never seen anyone turn her down before. She’s like the hottest thing at the school—”

“And the sluttiest,” Julie cut in. Alice nodded in agreement.

Ash’s eyes went between them, then his gaze stopped on Alice. It seemed to burn through her, making her either very uncomfortable, or the feeling of complete safety. “I have bigger fish to fry,” he whispered. “And I’m not interested in easy girls… I like challenges.” Alice gulped a little hating herself for it because Ash’s eyes twinkled with amusement. He moved toward her, put his fingers under chin and kissed her lightly. Then his lips moved beside her ear, his breath making Alice unable to breathe. “Until later…” Then he let go and walked away.

“Whoa…” Julie said, breaking a silence. “He is some hot and smooth stuff… you have to see him again and soon!”

Alice bit her lip. She wanted to see him again, and soon. But why? He was just some guy she had just met. She didn’t have time to think on it because the bell rang. Her and Julie went to class, and all she could hear was a hum of Julie’s babbling and the crisp sound of Ash’s voice in her ear.


When she got home, Alice still only had one thing on her mind: Ash. How could he have affected her the way he did? She had never slipped up with a boy like that before and now wasn’t the time to start. She had to focus on important things such as school work, and getting out of there… but he was in her brain permanently. No way of getting him out.

“Hello, my dearest daughter,” said a voice from the living room. Out came her mom to greet her. “How as your first day, Aliceia?” her mother asked, giving her a hug and using her real name.

“It was good mom,” Alice replied. Her mother pulled back a little to look into her eyes… she knew something was up. Stupid parental intuition. “Um… I made a new friend.” There… plain and simple.

Her mother’s eye brows rose. “Oh… and is this new ‘friend’ a boy?”

“Mom!” Alice snapped. “Don’t be so pushy… I mean really what does it matter?” Her mom gave her that look that told Alice to tell her every detail. Sighing, Alice said, “Yes, it’s a boy. Happy?”

Her mom beamed at her. “Oh, Alice! Is he cute? Does he play any sports… did he check you out… did he ask you out?”

“Breathe mom! Breathe!” Alice shook her a little. “Yes, he is cute. I’m not sure about any sports. I don’t know if he checked me out, but he didn’t ask me out either.”

“I have a feeling there is something you’re not telling me…” her mom said suspiciously. Alice gave her a tired look. “Oh, okay… fine I’ll stop digging. Go get some rest; dinner will be ready at six.” Alice nodded and tromped up the stairs to her room where she shut and locked the door.

She went straight to her bed and flopped down on the pillows.

In what seemed like not time at all, her mother was knocking on the door telling her that dinner was ready. Alice brushed out her hair and walked down to find that Lily was seated at the table along with her father and mother.

“It’s about time,” Lily whined. “I’m hungry, and have stuff to do.”

“Sorry to put your plans on hold,” Alice said, taking the seat across from her. Her father was at the head of the table and her mother across from them.

He sighed, “Now girls, let’s have a nice family dinner. Please?”

Joe Miller… not Alice’s real father; Mike Hayes was but he’d left when Alice was five and Lily was seven. They hadn’t heard from him since. Lily sort of wished he was dead, but Alice always hoped for the best. Alice looked more like her father than her mother, but not exactly like him. Her father had porcelain white skin, and dark hair, but his eyes were green, not black. Alice’s mother had auburn hair, same as Lily’s. They both had beautifully colored skin that showed full health. Joe looked like he could be Lily’s real father because they had the same skin tone and blue eyes, but he had brown hair. The three looked like family… Alice didn’t.

It was a wonder why Alice took her real father’s last name with her, but she did.

“Fine,” Lily stated. “I’ll be good if she does as well.”

Three pairs of eyes turned to Alice. She sighed and said, “I’ll try.” It wasn’t the end of that though. Someone was bound to explode.

Dinner was first salad to start, but after a prayer of course. Alice’s mom loved making big dinners because she was a stay at home mom. Joe was quite wealthy and didn’t like to hide it.

They did, however, have a normal sized house, just a lot of fine and fancy stuff in it. The silver ware was real silver so it had to be polished every once in a while. The plates were plain white with painted gold around the edge, but it was still delicate. Tea cups and bowls matched it perfectly. The finest china was in the front hall in a cabinet along with other fancy knick-knacks. The fire place was always clean and looked beautiful any time of year. It burned wood because Joe loathed just flicking a switch. He believed that if you wanted fire, you built it. The furniture was imported from France, and all of the flowers in the house came from Alice’s flower garden she had decided to plant at age ten. The kitchen was even more fantastic…

But back to the point at hand: After salad, her mother brought out some angel-hair pasta and marinara with beef meatballs. Alice felt her mouth begin to water. It was her favorite meal. The kind of salad should have been a hint-hint to her. It was an Italian salad, with the dressing just so and everything.

“It smells beautiful, Helen,” Joe said, kissing his wife’s cheek. Mrs. Miller blushed and began to serve the head of the house, then Lily, being the oldest. Next was Alice’s plate, which she loaded up with the perfect amount. After that, she put some on her own plate and began to pass out garlic bread and cheese. She re-filled glasses of water and wine for her and Mr. Miller. Finally, she sat down and they began to eat. “Mm… It tastes as beautiful as it smells,” he hummed.

Alice nodded in agreement and added, “It’s amazing, mom.”

“It’s your favorite,” her mom said. “I made it special… if you don’t remember, before school started, you asked me a few weeks ago if I could make it on the first day of school for dinner.”

“Oh! I remember now.”

Lily sat there, silent and acting like the perfect child. Conversation at the dinner table usually didn’t happen until desert, which would be after the lemon water and mints. Alice never understood the point of lemon water and mints, but Joe liked it so, she guessed that was the real reason why. Alice stayed silent for the rest of the meal, enjoying it more than ever. This was just what she needed after a long first day of school. She could only guess what was for dessert. Strawberry short-cake… it was Lily’s favorite and when Alice picked the main course, Lily picked dessert. The strawberries came from Lily’s fruit and vegetable garden. It was just showing how much more different Lily and Alice were.

Alice drank her lemon water and mint in silence as her mother went to go get dessert. When it arrived, everyone seemed to relax.

Lily was the first to open her mouth. “So… my first day of school was amazing! I think this is going to be the best senior year ever!” She took a bite of strawberry short cake then continued. “I mean… first off, everyone knows who I am, and… I made cheer squad after last year. It sucks that I’m not captain though. I’m way better than that sophomore, Macy Summers… Alice you remember Macy?”

“Oh how could I forget?” Alice said in a sarcastic tone. “I think I know why they made her captain though… her daddy probably called the school and threatened to sue.”

“I’m sure,” Lily hissed, glaring at the ceiling. “She has even more money than we do… her father is the lawyer at the top of the charts, you know… and her mother! Don’t get me started--”

Alice rolled her eyes. “Don’t worry, I’ll try not to,” she cut in.

“Don’t interrupt,” her step-father snapped. “It’s very rude and not lady like.” Alice sighed and shut her mouth. Joe nodded, satisfied. “Lillian… you may continue,” he said, using Lily’s actual name. What was it with parents using their actual names today?

Lily smiled, triumphant. “Well, Macy’s mom owns the duplex mall. That’s where the big bucks come in for her. But, I would rather no one in this house own the mall… right daddy?” He nodded, and Alice held back a gag when her sister called Joe ‘daddy’ right there. “I like it that you own the land where many more important places are, such as the church and grave yard, the library… all of that stuff.”

“What is your point?” Alice snapped, now annoyed with her sister.

“Aliceia… I’m warning you,” Joe threatened. “If you can’t keep your mouth shut while Lillian is trying to speak—”

“Lily! It’s Lily! It always has been. And my name is Alice! What is with you people and full first names! Can’t we just get along with them? I mean… everyone calls you Joe and not Jonathan! Why can’t I be called Alice?”

Mr. Millers face went red. “Go to your room young lady!” he shouted. “Don’t come out, I don’t want to see an inkling of you until tomorrow!”

Alice’s lower lip quivered. She looked to her mom for help, but their eyes didn’t meet. “Fine,” Alice hissed. She stomped upstairs to her room. She slammed the door shut and locked it.


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Re: Rose Petals: The Beginning

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More for ye!

Chapter 3

Alice awoke to a tapping on her window. She looked at the alarm clock next to her. It was 11:30 pm. Her parents were probably asleep by now… but who would be outside at this time of night? She decided that it was the wind and let it go. But there it went again after a few minutes.

Tap… tap… tap…

Rolling her eyes she got up and went to her window. She drew the curtains apart all the way. There was no one there. Alice went against her better judgment and opened the window all the way. Just as she did it, a hand went over her mouth. She almost screamed, but then she saw who it was. He put a finger to his lips and slowly moved his hand away from her mouth.

“Come with me,” Ash whispered.

“How did you find my house?” Alice asked. “I never gave you my address…”

“Didn’t need it to find you,” he replied. “Now are you coming or not?” Alice noticed he was standing on the tree branch right by her window. At first she was so tired, it felt like a dream and that he was flying, but that would be ridiculous. His hand reached out for hers, and Alice hesitated before she took it…

She jumped back. “Ow! You’re hand burned me!” she hissed.

Ash cussed under his breath and said, “Sorry… I should have worn gloves. I totally forgot.” Out of nowhere, some fingerless gloves appeared on his hands. “Try now.” He held his hand out to her again, his eyes pleading her to take it.

Alice sighed and tried again. This time, she only felt a little heat. “It’s good,” she said smiling up at him. He smiled at her as well.

She didn’t know if she was dreaming, or just plain crazy, because in a matter of seconds, Alice and Ash were flying through the air. Alice gasped and pulled Ash close, holding onto him for dear life. Ash let out a little laugh. “You won’t fall,” he whispered to her. “Trust me… you’re fine. I’d never let you fall…” Alice didn’t know whether or not to call him crazy, or to pinch herself awake... this had to be a dream, right?

Still she couldn’t help but look down. Everything was so beautiful from where she was. Alice could see everything, all of the lights that were still on glowing. They flew over the mall, and over the church. Over the far country side where there was hardly any lights, more from the sky than the ground. The most beautiful thing she saw, though, was the river where no moonlight touched it. It was a new moon, so the stars were their only light. When they landed, it was on the caves of Moonlit River. Ash set her down genteelly but kept a hold on her hands.

“Are you okay?” he asked, a worried look in his purple eyes.

Alice nodded. “Yeah I’m fine… just…” She shook her head. How could she ask? It was so unreal! The flying… that wasn’t even possible… no.

“Just…” Ash prompted.

“Just… how did you do that?” she asked. “I’m dreaming right? That’s why. I’ll wake up tomorrow and none of this would have happened.” Ash’s eyes didn’t avert from a serious look. “Its… all… a… dream?” He shook his head slowly. “No? How then? How did you fly?”

“How did we fly,” he corrected. Alice shook her head. “Yes… we both flew. Sure, I did almost all of the work. But that’s because you don’t know your full potential.” He seemed so serious. Alice had to pull away from him and walk away. She looked up at the sky. It wasn’t possible to fly. A hand touched her shoulder breaking her thoughts. “Alice?”

“What?” she asked sharply. “What do you want from me?” She turned to look at him. “Who are you really? What do you want from me? Why are you here?”

Ash smiled. “You really want to know? You’re sure?”

Alice paused. Did she want to know? No. Did she need to know? Yes. It took her a few minutes before she nodded her head and replied, “Yes.”

His smiled left his face. Ash sighed and sat down on the edge of the cave. He patted the ground next to him. Alice sat down quietly and waited. It felt like hours before he spoke, but when he did it was totally serious.

“I’m a Faerie,” he said into the silence. Alice didn’t move. She could hardly breathe… Faerie… they weren’t real! “You might think I’m crazy but I’m not.”

“If you’re a Faerie… where are the wings?”

Ash stared at her for a long while before saying, “You really want to see my wings?” She nodded. “You can’t. Only other mystical creatures can see them. Were you in your true form, you would be able to.”

“What do you mean true form?”

“I mean,” he said, sounding exasperated, “you’re really not human. You’re not even close… you’re immortal.”

Alice snorted. “What am I? A Faerie?”

“No,” Ash stated, totally serious. “You’re something more… way more… You’re the last, the most important… the traveler of worlds! You’re the 12th daughter of Death himself.” Alice bit her lip. “Accept it… and then I can teach you everything you need to know in order to return.”

Alice waited a few minutes… hours… however long, it seemed like forever. Finally, she said, “No.” With that she heard something… music?


“Army of Angels” by Kerli was playing on the radio… her alarm for the second day of school. So it had been a dream… just a dream; nothing more nothing less. Alice laughed at herself. How could she have actually begun to believe it was real?

Climbing out of bed, she thought about it. How real it had all seemed… Ash. He’d been there, hadn’t he? Whatever. All Alice needed was a hot shower, lavender scented shampoo and strawberry scented soap. That would make it all better. She walked to the bathroom, thankful that for the second day in a row, Lily wasn’t in it.

Alice took her shower, made sure she was nice and clean, before going back to her room to get dressed. Today she chose a red plaid skirt and paired that with a set of black leggings. For a top, Alice took a black tank and slipped it on. That was all. It was supposed to be extra hot today, so Alice would walk to school. She brushed her hair back into a pony tail, wrapping some hair around the whole thing so that it covered the red holder. She lined her eyes with black liner and put some ChapStick on her lips. Slipping on some black flats and grabbing her bag, Alice left her room.

“Stop!” her mother said as she walked down the stairs. Helen had a false angry look on her face. “Today, you are sitting down and eating a real breakfast.”

Alice sighed. “Mom, I don’t have time for this! I’m walking today!”

“I’ll drive you if I have too, now sit.” Alice sighed and sat down. Her mom set a plate of blueberry pancakes in front of her with some bacon and eggs. She also poured her a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice. “Now eat up.”

“I can’t eat all of this…” Alice said. “I’ll explode! Geez, mom…”

“Just eat!” Mrs. Miller sighed. “Please? Don’t argue. I tried to cheer you up now after last night—”

“Whatever,” Alice said. She took a pancake and put some eggs in it and bacon. Then she wrapped it up into something of a breakfast burrito. She downed her coffee and orange juice, then grabbed a monster from the fridge. “I’ll talk when I get home, okay?” she compromised, giving her mom a kiss on the cheek.

Her mom sighed, and then nodded, dismissing her. “Just one second,” she said, stopping her. Alice sighed and turned to face her. “What are we doing for your birthday next week?”

Alice slapped her forehead. “I forgot.”

“About your own birthday?”

“Yes… yes I did.”

“Okay… then I’ll give you today to think about it, but you’d better have an answer when you get home today, okay?”

“Sure, sure.”

“Have a nice day honey!”

Alice pretty much ran out the door to the side walk so that her mom wouldn’t have time to interrogate her even further. On the way to school, she ate her breakfast, and downed it with the energy drink she’d taken with her.

On the way to school, a car passed her by. It seemed to slow, and she felt that she was being watched. The window rolled down and inside the car she saw him again. Ash…

“Are you stalking me?” she asked him. “I mean really, what kind of guy does that?”

“The kind that wants to help you,” he said, seriously. The same seriousness as in her dream came out of his voice. Alice felt chills go up and down her spine. “Get in,” he said as the car came to almost a complete halt. “Please? I’ll give you a ride.”

“I’m fine with walking,” Alice shot back. “Just… the fresh air is good for me.”

Ash sighed. “Please? I’ll keep the window open for you.”

“I said I’m fine,” she hissed. “Now will you please just let me be?”

“Are you still freaked out about last night? Look, I’m sorry but you had to know the truth about me and yourself.” Alice froze. The car stopped as well. “You do remember last night… don’t you?”

Alice turned to face him. “Stay away from me,” she stated. “Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me, and don’t even think about me!” Then she turned and ran to the school. When she reached it, Alice was out of breath. Julie asked her what was wrong. She lied and said she had been chased by a dog. It was sort of true…

Then lunch came. Julie asked why Ash wasn’t around. Alice just shrugged and continued to eat the lunch she had decided to buy. It was just a salad, nothing special. But it worked.

“I mean… why wouldn’t he want to sit here? After yesterday I thought—”

“Well maybe you thought wrong!” Alice snapped. Seeing the hurt look on her friends face she said a little more softly, “I’m sorry. I’m just a little mad about dinner last night.”

She told Julie about dinner and then got a long speech from Julie about how unfair her step-father was. Ash was long gone in her mind. Alice was completely satisfied.


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Re: Rose Petals: The Beginning

Post by Garrettar on Mon Jul 25, 2011 8:40 pm

Holy fuck haha! I have no time to read it, drivers ed in the morning but uh damn I can't wait to read it tomorrow! *Bookmarked

Impressive though@

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Re: Rose Petals: The Beginning

Post by lunachild on Fri Jul 29, 2011 7:20 pm

Thanks! I'm still working on chapter 4 mainly because I need inspiration. Just wait... Ash is making a hot appearance!

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Re: Rose Petals: The Beginning

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